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Beautiful Blues

Beautiful Blues

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A Glamorous Clear Gloss That Leaves A Amazing Shine While Hydrating And Keeping Your Pretty Lips GLOSSY Including A LED Light & Mirror

Flavor: Blueberry Blues 

After Care: 

Avoid Dropping - Can Cause The Light To Stop Working!

Avoid Hitting - Be Aware Of Other Hard Objects Hitting It

(In Your Bag)

Avoid Leaving Lipgloss In Warm/Hot Settings


1. Slightly Tap The Gloss On A Hard Surface To Try Knocking The Light Back Into Place 


2. Press The Button On The Wand 


** Naomi Lodge Collection LLC Is Not Responsible For Any Led Light Damages. In The Event You Do Receive A Light That Was Damaged You MUST Contact Us With In 24 Hours Of Receiving Your Package To Be Eligible For Accommodations. After 24 Hours Their Will Not Be Any Exchanges, Returns, or Refunds ** 

Customer Reviews

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Blueberry & strawberry gloss

Loved everything !🤍

toniaa Reid
Blueberry Gloss

sooo i purchased the blueberry one but its not on the website no more😩 , anywayss THIS GIRL DO NOT MISS !! never misses a beat fr ! it don’t even feel like lipgloss ! the way it feels the way it smells it has noo sticky tastee no weird smell this lipgloss really the bomb ! when she restock its upp !

Mya Jacobs
Fav gloss 💙

I love the smell of this. I had lost mine at the store but hadda order me another one!! now i have a collection of all your glosses lol 🥰💗.

Amazing gloss🥰

This gloss will leave your lips nice, and shiny. It is not thick when applied and over all it is amazing 1000/10🥰 shop ladies

Beautiful blues 💙

It smells really good & keeps the lips popping… I will be buying more 🥰💕.