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How To Start A Business

How To Start A Business

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Want to start a business selling products but have no clue what to do ?

Then this is the PERFECT Ebook for you!

This Ebook covers:

Business Research - Name/ Products/Target Audience

Vendor Research - Discovering + Communicating

Product Buying - Samples and Bulk

Business Finance - Pricing

Business Planning - Packaging/ Launching/Marketing

Customer Service - Tips + Advice

Business Advice - Website + Brand Ambassadors

 & 20+ GEMS

Feel free to send me any remaining questions or concerns you may have after purchasing !


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Customer Reviews

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I love the book everything is Broke down and I can really understand it

Raven Wilkes

This book not just explains some business principals but gives you practical, easy to follow tools so sincerely help you get a grip on your business and plan for the future. A must have. One of the best books on structuring your company's vision and goals.