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About Us


  Hi, my name is Naomi and here is a little about me and why I started selling lip gloss! Growing up my mother and I were very close, as she instilled the “IT GIRL/THAT GIRL” energy in me from the age of 5. We would go on shopping sprees, get mani/pedis, and go to the hair salon together. One day we went to the mall and she handed me a lip gloss. I opened it and it lit up! I was so excited, as she then said “Look at the side” and I saw a mirror! I was amazed and had never seen anything like this before (I was 7 years old at the time). She said “ Now you can watch yourself put your lipgloss on and always have a light” as she smiled at me. 

   Fast forward to  2018 I launched my business and rebranded in 2020. During the rebrand my mother and I brainstormed on what other items I could sell. She mentioned I should sell lip gloss. “Remember the lipgloss I used to buy you that lit up and had the mirror on it,  you should sell that kind”. We instantly got excited about the idea and began our research. 

   In November of 2020 I unexpectedly lost my mother. She never got to see our dream come to life. I dedicated months of research to bring back the famous LED light and mirror lip glosses my mother and I dreamt of putting back in style. In honor of my mother I named each lipgloss after a nickname of hers. 

   So when you purchase a lip gloss from NLC just know you are supporting me and my mothers dream! I truly appreciate each and every NLC Doll from the bottom of my heart who supports us! Not only are you supporting a dream but NLC is here to give you sky high confidence and reassure you that you are “THAT GIRL ''. When applying our lip gloss, walk with your head held high as you apply with perfection and the assurance “can’t nobody tell me nothing” just as my mom instilled in me! NLC is not just a lip gloss but an EXPERIENCE! 

Living life without a light leaves you in the dark ~ Naomi Lodge Collection LLC 💕