Who Does NLC Ship With?

USPS= United States Postal Service

How Long Does My Order Take To Process? 

All orders are processed within 1- 4 business days after initial purchase date.

Weekends orders are not processed till the following Monday. 

When Will I Receive My Package? 

You can expect your package to arrive after your order has been processed ( 1 - 4 business days ) then shipped ( 2 - 5 business days ).

UPDATE** Due To The High Volume Of Packages USPS Standard Delivery Is Now 10 - 14 Business Days 

What If I Put The Wrong Address ? 

Contact us immediately with your name, order number, and the correct address. We don't want your package going to someone else!

How Do I Contact You ?

Click on our menu then select "Contact Us" fill out the information and you are all set!

What Days Do You Ship?

Monday - Thursday

We Do Not Ship On The Weekends (Friday-Sunday)